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One of the biggest problems in higher education is the cost of textbooks and that is why we switched to BNC OER+. We had been using the same textbooks in our undergraduate business courses for 20 years. New editions were being published every couple of years and the prices were increasing to the point where students were spending over $200 for a print book.

We are in rural Southeastern Ohio, part of Appalachia so our students struggle financially. Our students have noticed the difference in cost- it is a lot more affordable and they are appreciative.

The reading material is similar to the content in our other textbooks- that was an important factor in our decision. It was laid out the way that we had already been teaching the class for several years, the way I like to approach it, the way I like to deliver it to the students. It was an easy transition.”

Brad Merritt

Washington State Community College

We use the BNC OER+ platform in 8 of our Criminal Justice classes. We switched to the platform because we were trying to enhance our online courses. The results so far have been very positive- participation and grades for my online courses have increased.

The platform is very affordable to students. You cannot beat $25 for a complete course material solution. The students see the benefit financially and the platform is written very well. You do not sacrifice quality. BNC OER+ has high quality information included in the readings, videos, assignments, and discussion questions.

When I first tried BNC OER+- it was almost like what do you have to lose because the cost is so reasonable and when you get to see it and work through it and see how the students respond to it- it is a great platform to use. It is what our program needed.

Larry Kelly

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College

"I can say with 100% certainty, the BNC OER+ usage is correlating with an increase in exam scores and retention of course materials.”
Lynn Nagle
Instructor, Education and Psychology, Penn State University

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